22 November 2019

“Don’t do research on Instagram only” says Fortuna Todisco, the fashion designer turned illustrator

Fortuna Todisco graduated in Fashion Design at IED Milano in 2010 but after some years working as a designer, she decided to focus on the world of visual arts, starting a career as an illustrator. She collaborate with prestigious internationally renowned magazines, companies and newspapers: The Sun, VICE US, Cosmopolitan DE, Benetton, Figurella, Panorama, Wired UK and Vanity Fair.

“Don’t do research on Instagram only”, sentences Fortuna when we ask for an advise for future creative. “The influences coming from the world around us, the inspirations that come from the arts world, from music, or simply from the exchange of ideas, are fundamental and vital, otherwise everything is reduced to purely technical reproduction and pressing work rhythms”, continues.

Do you want to know more about here? Read it all in her interview with IED Alumni here.

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