30 May 2024

Artribune commissioned us to produce its magazine covers or the second year in a row

Through images and multimedia contents realised by our students and Alumni, the project aims to illustrate the central themes of contemporaneity. The multidisciplinary approach that has always been at the heart of our teaching methodology and the contents of Artribune will also allow an in-depth study of the artistic and design disciplines involved in the selected works and their increasingly blurred and overlapping boundaries.

Each cover, created exclusively for Artribune, will therefore symbolise the threshold to cross in order to immerse oneself in the depth and versatility of the project. The fragile surface to be broken in order to venture into the hyper-connected imagination of the designers.

The narrative of each cover story will be complemented by testimonials from the authors, and multimedia content aimed at providing readers with as broad an understanding as possible of the complexity of the disciplines and topics covered in each case.

Find out all the details via this link

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