For the second year of collaboration we have chosen to rely on the themes of the most important art and design events, borrow food for thought and return powerful but fragile images. Thin surfaces that contain complex points of view. The biennials (three-yearly - four-yearly - five-yearly) are an opportunity for artists and designers to reflect on the central topics of the contemporary world. Starting from events of the recent past and taking into consideration the themes of the next ones, we will look for explicit connections or implicit contrasts and we will question ourselves by proposing an unprecedented point of view: that of young people who are facing the future.


discover all the covers of the Fragile Surface project

Along the first year we have been telling - trough images and multimedia content created by our students and alumni -  some of the central contemporary themes such as the blurred boundaries between artistic disciplines, the contamination between art and technology, the relationship between humanity and nature, the intersection between reality and virtuality . The multidisciplinary approach that has always been at the heart of IED's teaching methodology and the contents of Artribune allows an in-depth study of the artistic and design disciplines involved in the selected works and their increasingly blurred and overlapping boundaries.




A discreet yet substantial intervention on a detail of Andrea Mantegna's iconic 'Lament over the Dead Christ'.

An ironic comment on the difficulties of artificial intelligence in realistically reproducing human hands and feet that also aims to stimulate reflection on the inability of AI to attribute meaning to images.

Tommaso Radaelli's work, a student in the second year of the Three-year Diploma in Illustration and Animation at IED Milan, becomes the sixth cover of the Fragile Surface project.


1 su 600.000.000

The relationship between Humanity and Nature, the representation of bodies and their metamorphoses, and the mutilation of animals by human beings are the themes of Fabiola Porchi's work 1 su 600.000.000, which after an internal competition within the Painting and Visual Languages course at the Aldo Galli Academy of Fine Arts, becomes the fifth cover of the Fragile Surface project.


Alte Terre

One of the images from the photographic project “Alte Terre” by Alessandro Di Lenardo and Chiara Boccardi is the fourth cover of the Fragile Surface project.
The project deals with the hyper-urbanisation of the mountains, a theme chosen by the students of the three-year Photography course at IED Torino to address Environmental sustainability and the Humanity/Nature relationship.


One is not enough

The Thesis manifesto in Video Design: One is not enough by the students at IED Roma investigates the theme of changing perspectives and respecting diversity and becomes the third cover of the Fragile Surface project.


Stop Making Boring Art

The journey through the multidisciplinarity of the Arts continues through the work Stop Making Boring Art developed by Andrea Crespi, 22nd century artist and Alumnus of the IED courses in Product Design and Art Direction.


Luce d'abissi

The journey between the multidisciplinarity of Visual Arts and Design begins with the work Luce d'abissi developed by Piercarlo Lippi, Alessandro Magnotta, Eleonora Polo, Demetrio Zema as the thesis project for the three-year course in Computer Generated Animation and by Jacopo Tonetti for the three-year course in Sound Design.

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