29 April 2021

What it’s like to illustrate a book, a ceramic or a TV program? Italian illustrator and IED Torino Alumnus Gabriele Pino tells us.

Graduated at IED Torino, the illustrator Gabriele Pinos loves to design comics. He has been collaborating for a TV program designing mental maps and work as a teacher of visual perception and creative thinking.

“At school I suggest you to play with yourselves: create, experience, be bold, don’t turn anxiety a daily routine. Remember that a hard and intense school time it’s first of all a time an opportunity to experience and learn”, explains the Italian illustrator.

He lives in a small town in Piemonte: “I still live in the countryside because I think that being near to the nature it’s very stimulating for my creativity”. He defines himself as an explorer and loves to go after fantastic creatures that can transform them into the characters of his illustrations.

He has collaborated with LaStampa, Print Club Torino, Pitti Gragranze, Pearson Italia, La Scala di Milano, Mondadori, and ADD editore, among others.

Get to know more about Gabriele here.

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