16 January 2021

“Curiosity is the only thing that will lead you to culture”

After working for several years in cinema as a visual researcher, Giangi Giordani currently works as a freelance creative director. Specializing in fashion films he collaborated with the Italian filmmaker Luca Guadagnino in films such “Suspiria” or “Call me by your name”.

“A large amount of time is dedicated to the deepening of research and the study of sociology, which plays an essential role in the understanding of fashion as a cultural phenomenon beyond clothes as such”, explains Giordani about his approach of fashion research.

He also provides creative consultancy to the style offices of some emerging brands, curatorial operations and writing for fashion magazines.

“Curiosity is the only thing that will lead you to culture, so, being curious is the best thing you can do as a starting point”, advice.

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