04 April 2024

We're pleased to inform you about an important development in our ongoing journey of creativity, innovation, and lifelong connections.

We're announcing the launch of IED Alumni community on LinkedIn.

In the rich mosaic of IED's history, each of our Alumni holds a unique thread, contributing to the story of our shared experiences, successes, and aspirations.

The primary goal of this page is to foster engagement and strengthen the identity of our alumni community.


Some key features of the page:

  • Reconnect: Facilitating connections that may have faded due to time and distance.
  • Share and Seek Inspiration: Providing a platform to share professional achievements, creative endeavors, and personal milestones.
  • Networking & Job Opportunities: Offering a space to expand professional networks within the global community of IED alumni, fostering collaboration and mentorship.
  • Exclusive events: Keeping alumni informed about the latest events and opportunities tailored to their interests.


Let's continue to acknowledge the impact of our graduates worldwide.

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