09 April 2024

IED and the Design Institute Tbilisi have collaborated to elevate design education worldwide. The goal is to foster a diverse community of designers beyond geographical boundaries.

IED - Istituto Europeo di Design is excited to announce a partnership with Design Institute Tbilisi, Georgia, aiming to globalize design education and facilitate learning among students worldwide. This partnership aligns with our mutual goal to unite global designers through projects and workshops that prioritize environmental sustainability, technological innovation, and the melding of traditional and contemporary crafting techniques. 

The collaboration debuted with a hybrid "Design Your Own Winning Portfolio" event on April 3rd, led by moderator Beki Pantskhava and featuring IED Milano's Francesca Perani. This unique event blended in-person and online elements, attracting budding designers keen on enhancing their portfolio skills with a focus on storytelling, personal branding, and strategic presentation

By combining resources, we aim to offer an enriching learning experience that transcends geographical and cultural barriers, cultivating a global community of innovative designers

This marks just the beginning of our collaborative efforts to support the growth and innovation of the design community. 

Stay updated on future events and workshops by following us on social media and our website. 


About Design Institute Tbilisi 

The Design Institute, located in Tbilisi, is a creative education center focusing on design and innovation. It features a diverse team of experts, offering students a world-class learning experience in a historic building equipped for modern education. The institute values collaboration and social impact, actively engaging in partnerships and projects to enrich student learning and connect with the community. 

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