Dar Rubinstein, alumnus del IED Barcelona, recibe el Premio Innova de los Premios gaudeamusPROJECTA


20 October 2023

The work is a visual proposal to break the monotony of hospital waiting rooms

Dar Rubinstein, who holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, pathway in Motion Graphics and Video from IED Barcelona, won the INNOVA PRIZE at the 6th edition of the gaudeamusPROJECTA Awards with her final year project entitled “Timeless”.

The work is a visual proposal to break the monotony of hospital waiting rooms, using Cinema 4D technology, Redshift, UV mapping techniques and real space images to convey a relaxing experience to patients and provide a brief exercise in focused meditation.

The INNOVA PRIZE for communicative innovation in languages, resources and media, both creative and technological, is awarded to the most outstanding project for innovation, whether communicative, plastic, functional, operational or technical, or if the project promotes, optimises or renews the use of printed materials and techniques, digital tools or any other existing technological resource useful for visual communication. Paying particular attention to those that expand commonplace boundaries of what is deemed a graphic project to be developed by overcoming instrumental prejudices.

The award ceremony took place on 19 October at the Archives of the Crown of Aragón (Palau del Lloctinent) in Barcelona. “Giro” by IED alumnus Jacobo Cobián Sánchez was one of the 24 finalists.

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