El IED Barcelona imagina el futuro del ‘Nomad Coffee’ con Wacaco


31 August 2023

Thanks to this collaboration, students have been able to work with a real client, testing their creativity and analytical skills. The three best projects have received recognition from the company.

Wacaco, the company that inaugurated the era of high-quality portable coffee in 2014 with the launch of the world’s first piston-operated manual espresso coffee machine, has turned to the collaboration of IED Barcelona for the redesign and restyling of some of its products, as well as the creation of new accessories with which to anticipate the future of what is known as ‘Nomad Coffee’.

Second-year Bachelor of Arts in Product Design students have developed creative ideas for new machines and/or brand elements, presenting diverse proposals, and the top three projects have received recognition from Wacaco.

Alain Bladon Gaba (first prize) worked on the design of a thermos with a floating filter to make coffee anytime, anywhere, inspired by the Pipamoka model. Small and compact in size, and with fewer components and an accessible opening, this is an easy-to-clean proposal that can also be used as a container for water and milkshakes, making it a multi-use product.

Chloe Dagher (second prize), devised a portable, compact and ergonomic water heater with a waterproof power button and function indicator light that includes a USB port for charging.

Last but not least, Reina Tay Boudargham (third prize) proposed a redesign of the Pipamoka coffee maker’s pull & push filter mechanism to make it more efficient by taking advantage of the laws of gravity and density at the time of filtering.

Not just coffee

The students also worked on the creation of new products, thinking of audiences that do not only drink coffee, with proposals for accessories and/or innovative and multifunctional machines that can store sugar or milk, or prepare tea, cappuccinos and smoothies, among others.

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