Estudiantes del IED Barcelona diseñan una propuesta de colección de novia para Cristina Tamborero


24 August 2023

Students presented two final looks to the designer, one from the collection created for the company and another from their personal collection

Design a proposal for a complete collection of 10 bridal looks for the bridal fashion brand Cristina Tamborero, IED Barcelona alumnus, from the concept to the production of a final dress. This is what the students of the 2023 edition of the Postgraduate in Wedding and Ceremony Dresses Design have done as part of the final project of the programme.

Using the basic, theoretical and practical fundamentals learnt during the course, and with the collaboration of Tamborero, who closely followed the development of the programme and formulated the starting concept for the collection — minimalist architecture — students created moodboards, creative processes, colour palettes, fabrics, collection frameworks and plans, figure drawings and illustrations, accessories, patterns with technical sheets, lookbooks and catalogues. In addition to one final ready-made look, which they presented to the designer, they also made a sketchbook and a fashion film.

The students repeated this process to develop a second collection that also formed part of the final project for the postgraduate course, this time, starting from a personal proposal, which also involved the creation and presentation of a final dress.

Here is the list of the two collections:

Stephania Mendoza González: “Sirène” / “Blanc”.

Doménica Nicole Morales Cepeda: “The Luminous Optics” / “El Ejemplo de Simplicidad”.

Alejandra Lucía Palomino Oriz: “La verdad revelada” / “Alumbra”.

Martina Pavia: “La Marée Arquitectónica” / “Minimal Ethereal”.

Gema Roger Laparra: “Matices” / “On a clear day”.

Krystle Sepúlveda: “Legado intangible” / “Solo lo esencial”.

Meritxell Vancells Pi: “Liberté” / “Layered”.

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