Estudiantes del IED Barcelona diseñan prototipos para una colección de moda inclusiva para Uniqlo


03 November 2023

Made with elastic fabrics for added comfort, the garments feature a variety of closures, openings and fittings to facilitate their use

Individuals who use a wheelchair, have a prosthetic limb or have visual impairments face the daily challenge of dressing and undressing. Closing and opening a zip or threading a button through a buttonhole can be difficult with only one arm, tremors or muscle stiffness. With the aim of offering them both a stylish and accessible alternative that has been adapted to their needs, Uniqlo, the Japanese clothing and accessories chain, asked IED Barcelona Fashion students to design several prototypes for a mini collection of inclusive clothing that promotes the autonomy and self-esteem of all people.

The workshop resulted in seven garments for all body types and all levels of mobility that combine functionality and creativity.

Made with elastic fabrics for added comfort, they also boast an array of closures, openings and fittings to facilitate use. Moreover, sustainability has been at the forefront of their design, as they are “all-in-1” reusable garments.

The proposed mini-collection of looks comprises two coats and a pair of trousers made entirely by the students, as well as a pair of trousers, two T-shirts, and an exclusive dress provided by Uniqlo and altered by the students. All these garments will be on display at the IED Barcelona headquarters (Building Point One) from 7 November to 21 December.


Project data sheet


Alexia Badia

Carmen Celedonio

Julia Siquier

Joel Zamorano



Marina Vergés

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