04 June 2021

IED - Istituto Europeo di Design is one of the official partners of the New European Bauhaus Initiative, selected by the European Commission.

IED - Istituto Europeo di Design is one of the official partners of the New European Bauhaus Initiative, selected by the European Commission.

The  New European Bauhaus (NEB) is "a creative and interdisciplinary movement, a meeting space for designing future ways of living, located at the intersection of art, culture, social inclusion, science and technology".

The future of Europe will be hybrid and transversal. Design, as a culture and a transformative language, must help enhance and share the values of the NEB among institutions, professionals and citizens of all places and social classes.

In this context, the Mediterranean is an area of great importance due to its role as a bridge in terms of environment, culture, geography and history. It plays an essential role in European integration and provides ways to understand creativity and innovation and to promote diversity for a more sustainable economy and society.

The common geographical environment and, in turn, the shared challenges, of the Euro-Mediterranean eco-system represent a distinctive platform in particular for the transformation towards inclusiveness and sustainability which can help to spread the values of Europe , and of the NEB, in different contexts. In this panorama, the IED network - made up of Italy, Spain and Brazil - is a meeting point and collaborative and integrated laboratory for research and innovation in the Euro-Mediterranean area.


IED will actively participate in the NEB movement by engaging its communities and cross-sector networks to affirm the initiative locally and beyond European borders. The contribution will be threefold: an experimental space, a generative environment and a multipolar system of communication and sharing.

Among the dedicated activities there are:

  1. Two IMAGINATIVE FORUMS on the "orange Euro-Mediterranean economy", the first of which is scheduled for spring 2022
  2. A series of TALKS and WORKSHOPS, with the aim of connecting people across the Euro-Mediterranean to share insights and perspectives on needs and possible implementation methods for a sustainable future, and to generate inclusive solutions to face the challenges of a pandemic and post-pandemic society.
  3. The dissemination and enhancement of materials, such as PUBLICATIONS, ARTICLES and VIDEOS, to provide a platform and a place for people of different social and cultural backgrounds to express themselves, to share and build on local and transnational experiences. IED will actively organize meetings with local authorities, trade and cultural associations, the academic world and citizens, including young people, to better understand needs and interests, and prioritize topics and interventions.

Riccardo Balbo, Academic Director of IED states:

“During its history, IED has always promoted European values and favored a transnational cultural dimension of sustainable innovation. Today we are extremely proud to contribute to the success of the New European Bauhaus movement and to share our experiences with the wider NEB community: a new, disruptive and collaborative paradigm for a stronger, more beautiful and sustainable Europe”.


The New European Bauhaus initiative connects the European Green Deal to our living spaces. It invites all Europeans to imagine and build together a sustainable and inclusive future that is beautiful for our eyes, minds and souls.

The New European Bauhaus:

– Will bring together citizens, experts, businesses and institutions and facilitate conversations on how to make the living spaces of tomorrow more accessible and affordable.

– Will mobilize designers, architects, engineers, scientists, students and creative minds across disciplines to reimagine sustainable living in Europe and beyond.

– Will strive to improve the quality of our life experience by highlighting the value of simplicity, functionality and circularity of materials without compromising the need for comfort and attractiveness in our daily lives.

– Will provide financial support for innovative ideas and products through ad hoc calls for proposals and through coordinated programs included in the Multiannual Financial Framework.

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