27 June 2024

Naddaf joins the list of great designers formed at IED Madrid, among them Moisés Nieto, Pepa Salazar, Tíscar Espadas, Ernesto Naranjo, Jaime Álvarez (Mans) and the recent winner of Premio de la Academia Española de la Moda al Talento Novel, Carlota Barrera


Istituto Europeo di Design, IED Madrid, a reference in Higher Education in fashion and design, has celebrated a new edition of its Fashion Show at Espacio Jorge Juan in Madrid. An event that reunited design and communication professionals together with an institutional and business representation of the fashion industry. 

Under the theme 'Celebrar el Futuro' and on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the institution in Madrid, IED has created an award with a vocation of continuity that values this recognition as a platform of visibility for the future fashion icons.

In this first edition Jaime Naddaf was elected winner of the Fashion Talent Award 2024 with his collection ‘La Oficina’. The award winner was chosen by an independent jury formed by the executive president of ACME Pepa Bueno, the stylist Carla Paucar, the curator Rubén Gómez (EGO MBFW), the photographer Aitor Laspiur, the Head of Art of CAP DEPT Jon Elorrieta and the designers of Reparto Studio.

‘La Oficina’ satirically reflects on the dehumanization of workspaces. Taking Jacques Tati's film Playtime as a reference, the collection proposes a universe in which criticism and its vision as a social being are present, but without affecting the functionality or usability of the garments. Covering a wide spectrum of typologies in his collection, some of the proposals are perfectly suits for everyday use, while others are clearly more sculptural.

The winner of the Fashion Talent Award 2024 also gets a master's degree to continue his higher education at IED Madrid.


IED Madrid, emerging talent factory


The fashion show marks the end of an exceptional educational journey, as a proof of the quality and creativity with which this institution is identified. In recent years, outstanding figures from fashion design world have emerged from IED Madrid such as Moisés Nieto (winner of Who's On Next Vogue España Award, Premio Nacional de Moda in 2016 and Madrid Craft Week Award for Craft Support Company in 2022 for his project "La Hacería"), Pepa Salazar (designer who has clothed artists such as Rosalía, winner of Vogue Fashion Fund Award 2023), Carlota Barrera (winner of the New Talent Award at Premios Academia de la Moda Española 2024), Tíscar Espadas (winner of Allianz Ego Confidence in Fashion at 77th MBFW) or Paula Ulargui (designer who has collaborated with Loewe to create a 'living coat' later exhibited at Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion, the temporary exhibition at MET).

These personalities, who have left a significant impact on our industry, began their creative journey on this same stage. A talent that continues to break records as shown by the large representation of the school's alumni and teachers at the recent Premios Academia de la Moda Española, where 4 of the 5 nominees for New Talent Award were part of the IED Community.

In words of the Director of IED Madrid, "the Fashion Talent Award is here to give a name to a reality, which is the unbeatable trajectory of the School as a platform for launching careers in the world of fashion at a national and international level".


A generation to keep an eye on


Besides the winner of IED Madrid Fashion Talent Award, the fashion show put on the catwalk a heterogeneous vision of fashion with projects that defended the current validity of new crafts, reflections on success, the debates about identity or our common past through creativity and technical precision.

A work that was highlighted by the members of the jury, for whom deciding on a single winner was an extremely difficult task. The panel of experts highlighted the excellence in the concepts and in the research of the collections, its development and creative universe, the technical experimentation and the execution.

Very complex and diverse proposals, created by designers who deserve to be followed closely: Patricia Rodríguez, Alejandra Ferrero, Ana Montesa, Javier Álvarez, Paula Fernández, Vanessa Espiedra and Rodrigo Fernández.

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