12 July 2023

Monograph, the series of talks featuring professionals and key figures from the creative industry. New appointment with Daniele Cavalli

Music, food, art, photography and fashion are all part of the work of Daniele Cavalli.

An entrepreneur in the creative industry who has always had a strong interest in Florentine artisanal craftsmanship, despite his professional background within the family company, where he served as the creative director for the men's line. This interest led him to establish the Atelier de' Nerli in 2019, located in the heart of Oltrarno in Florence. This establishment combines the characteristics of a restaurant and an art gallery and was created with the aim of promoting and developing a new market for the city's extraordinary artistic creations. Additionally, he opened Heavy Soul Studio, specializing in music recording and production.

In his talk for the Monograph series, he discussed the significance of curiosity in diversifying one's passions. He emphasized the utilization of both the right and left sides of the brain, following one's dreams to achieve unprecedented results.

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