27 November 2023

Monograph, the series of talks featuring professionals and key figures from the creative industry. New appointment with Giacomo Santucci

Giacomo Santucci joined Monograph.

With a recent past as President of the Camera Buyer Italia and a huge experience as Chief Operating Officer at Dolce & Gabbana, President & Ceo at Gucci and Prada, Marco Santucci told IED fashion students what are the strengths of building a career in the fashion world: networking skills, market awareness, ethics and sustainability should be combined with business knowledge.

"As a result of the pandemic, our lifestyle has changed profoundly, encouraging us to live more sustainably. In this context, Made in Italy stands out as a beacon for rediscovering beauty and excellence, with artisans playing a key role as custodians of ancient knowledge. The core of this renewed perspective is sustainability, reflecting a collective consciousness oriented towards more responsible consumption choices".

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