18 June 2024

Two fashion design graduates from IED Milano and IED Barcelona presented their final projects on the Graduate Fashion Week (GFW) runway in London

On the occasion of the GFW, which took place from June 10th to 13th, we traveled to London to present our 2024 fashion school graduate projects in the world’s largest showcase of BA fashion talent: a platform for emerging fashion designers and connect with industry professionals.  

Two fashion collections took the runway of the international fashion event:

"Indossando la pioggia" by Davide Cassadei (IED Milano) propose a relaboration of the formal menswear codes. Codes act as a sort of armor for what is a rebellion from a social condition of regression, homologation, and control, from the illusory feeling of being the protagonist of one's narrative. Therefore, from the design point of view, he implements a reflection on how the garments are constructed and how the multiple details contained in them can be reinterpreted, erased, misplaced, or copied, giving way to the creation of one's dress codes and an aesthetic language that maintains references both to the contemporary and to traditions as a new beginning. 

Mercè Domènech (IED Barcelona) presented "Principi, nus, desenllaç", a collection that explores her dichotomy of having grown up between the frenzy and hardness of the city's asphalt and passing the summers wrapped in trees, rays of sunshine, and fantastic stories.  The collection reflects the shape of the chairs, window frames, etc., the texture of the fallen paint on the walls and the tufts of the cushions - all inspired by the house - in a fresh way, combining it with an urban influence. This work is reflected in the materials, cutting, and manipulations. 

On top of the catwalk show and the digital portfolios, a selection of additional outfits, accessories, and jewelry developed by IED graduates was on display throughout the 4-day event in the GFW International Exhibition. But one particular collection caught the jury's attention and won the Best Accessories Award: Reflection by Mel Oceane Dario (IED Milano). 


The project investigates the invisibility of emotions and the complexity of the human experience. To do it, the designer created different glass modules shaped by the shapes of sand through the vibrations of a song. While these imprints might not be very clear and visible, there is still something perceivable. An analogy of how to perceive emotions: To truly experiment with them, one must take the time to personally touch the inside of the pieces. 

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