08 October 2020

Re-FREAM is a collaborative research project where selected artists and designers team up with a community of scientists to rethink the manufacturing process of the fashion industry.

Re-FREAM is a pillar of the STARTS Programme (Science + Technology + Arts), an initiative of the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. IED Spain joins an international group of expert partners in the fields of technology, research, fashion, and design, as well as art-tech to guide a total of 20 projects by European artists and designers towards a sustainable future of fashion.

The main goal of this two-year project is to develop new concepts for the future of fashion by means of new processes and aesthetics that are inclusive and sustainable.

Nowadays, the digital technologies are transforming the fashion industry. These changes have an important impact into businesses and industries across the world. The mega trends in technology directly affect the creation, production, distribution/sale, and presentation of fashion to consumers; technology is finally set to disrupt fashion at every stage of the product lifecycle. 

The focus of the research lie on the Future Urban Manufacturing of Fashion by using additive manufacturing, smart textiles and sustainable finishing together with social and environmental values to create a new value chain for the fashion industry. The goal is to put more emphasis on Small Scale Production and Customization. 

The project responds to 3 main challenges that the community of creative and fashion experts need to discuss: how integrate electronics into textiles, from analog to connected; from 2D to 3D; and propose solutions towards a sustainable circular system.

Discover the 20 selected projects here.

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