18 December 2020

INNO-TEC-LAB “Development of opportunities in the field of design for technical careers through innovation-laboratories” is a Strategic Partnership for Higher Education, co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union (Key Action 2).

In the field of technical careers within the new European priorities in education and training, higher education system should boost the knowledge economy and respond to labor market needs and contribute to the demands of a changing labor market by raising skills and applying innovative approaches to improve the relevance of curricula by enhancing the transition to the employment of university students, as well as promoting gender equality.

On this basis, the project aims to create and validate a model based on interdisciplinarity and student-centered learning to support innovation through a network of innovation laboratories that will serve to improve learning tools, knowledge exchange, training of learners and researchers. 

INNO-TEC-LAB is aimed primarily at teachers, researchers, lecturers and staff of partner organizations and students of technical careers, as well as public authorities, policymakers and the business sector.

The project emerged from the partnership comprising IED Istituto Europeo di Design (Italy, lead partner), European Digital Learning Network (Italy), Media Dizjan (Poland), Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy (Finland), Stichting Hogeschool Van Amsterdam (Netherlands), Sustainable Development Management Institute (France), Vsl Socialiniu Inovaciju Centras (Lithuania). Each partner organization was chosen for the expertize and value it can bring to the development and implementation of the project.

Szczecin Municipal Government, Town Hall (Poland) and Fondazione Golinelli (Italy) are the project’s associated partners, engaged principally in the dissemination of results, having shown interest and support to the project from the early stages.

INNO-TEC-LAB with a duration of 24 months starting September 2020, sees partner organizations involved in developing the following intellectual outputs:

  1. The creation of the learning module, which consists in the methodological and strategic framework for innovation in technical careers. The learning module  will provide the basis for the development of the train-the-trainers online program and for the INNO-TEC-LAB courses aimed at students, activities that will in turn contribute to the strengthening and validation of the learning module in itself;
  2. The development, delivery and enhancement of the Train the Trainers program targeted at selected trainers, teachers, researchers, and lecturers with the aim to support the gaining of learning and teaching knowledge, skills and attitude in the field of interdisciplinary innovation;
  3. The design, execution and valorization of INNO-TEC-LAB courses for students. The courses will be implemented by trainers selected amongst the Train the Trainers participants leveraging on the newly acquired experience and on a student-centred approach;
  4. Creation of a platform that will favor the exchange of knowledge, the intercomparison and joint development of contents between the innovation laboratories, and which will contain the training contents provided online.

2 multiplier events will be developed at the European level that will help the dissemination and extension of the project results and achievements and the sustainability of the project after its completion. Both events will further enabling a multi-stakeholder innovation community. 

The project will be told through the website and on the social networks of the project and of the partners. Stay tuned and follow our social media channels.

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