26 September 2022

Gaia Romoli and Paolo Belleri stars at the last edition of We're Next 22.

We're Next 22 is the fashion show dedicated to rising stars of fashion, was held on 10 September in Prague. Among the protagonists of the event, there were also two Alumni of IED Florence.

Gaia Romoli presented The Madness of the Mad Hatter / Pantomime: "It's a fusion of two distorted imagery: the first depicting the pandemic and facial expressions 'taken' from our faces, given the obligation to use masks. With the addition of silicone applications of casts of my face, I wanted to bring out the repressed emotions from the clothes, making the concept concrete and not just symbolic,' - says Gaia - In the second part of the collection, we find characters from the fairy-tale imagery of Alice in Wonderland: the rabbit, the hare, pinco panco and panco pinco, bringing the much-loved fairy tale to the catwalk with the help of handmade prints and knitted accessories, but in a contemporary reading, trying to combine art and fashion once again'.

Paolo Belleri presented Night at Grandma's Home: "It's inspired by my memories as a child, at my grandmother's house surrounded by cushions and porcelain dolls. In a playful way, I joked about the classic stereotypes of the Italian family that are portrayed in films that often reduce the Bel Paese to pasta, coffee and dolce far niente. All the garments were made with fabrics recovered from blankets, old sheets and tablecloths found in markets, second-hand shops or salvaged from Nonna's house'.

We're Next was founded in 2016 by Lukáš Spilka and its aim is to make fashion accessible and open the doors to everyone interested.

Cover photo - Courtesy of Lilit Lysa

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