IED Barcelona Marc Sanz, finalista de Hyères: “Los diseñadores jóvenes debemos apostar por la continuidad de la artesanía”


31 October 2023

“My experience with Mallorcan artisans has triggered my interest in continuing to investigate as a designer in this direction”

How did it feel to be chosen as one of the 10 finalists, as well as the third Spaniard in the festival’s 38-year history to have reached the top 10 at Hyères?

Really thrilled at first. I was with the family following the judging live and we jumped for joy because being at Hyères is such a rare opportunity, especially for emerging designers.

What stood out for you in terms of the experience?

Above all, the outstanding collaboration. From both the IED teachers and students who lent me a hand to handle the substantial volume of work and the Chanel Le19M team. I worked alongside Atelier Montex, one of their workshops focused on 3D embroidery, and it was really fascinating to be able to learn from them and discover all their savoir faire. It was an unforgettable experience.

What insights did you gain and how do you think they will impact your professional career?

I had the opportunity of working with artisan ikat fabrics in Mallorca. They heavily influenced my collection and simultaneously made me discover a line of work I believe will play a prominent role in my career as a designer. There are only two workshops left in the Balearic Islands that make these fabrics, which are used for curtains, sofas and all types of upholstery, but never in the context of fashion. I would love to collaborate with them again to investigate this artisanal process as a path towards future collections and to conserve this art and culture. As young designers, I believe we should strive for this type of artisanship, which is disappearing.


A collection with history and curious match

Marc Sanz explains that his collection for the Hyères Festival draws its inspiration from the pirates and hippies who transformed Ibiza at different historical moments. “I began to wonder what would have happened if they had met. I think they would have created a generation that I like to call ‘The children of the pirates’, sharing common ideals such as free love, rebellion and the fight for freedom.”

With this idea in mind, the young designer put forward eight looks that also ended up featuring an unexpected collaboration. Mathilde Giraud, another of the contest finalists, designed some enameled ceramic rings that, according to Marc, “had to be there because they fit perfectly with the collection”. Another example of the power of teamwork that underlies this event.

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