29 September 2021

This student received an award from sponsor YKKfor his great efforts: an outfit with a focus on closure accessories from the ‘lagrande: sistema’ collection - which was covered by student’s dissertation project - is shown on the catwalk, taking a look at functionalism (and criticising overconfidence in automation).


YKK Italia – main partner of Milano Moda Graduate – awarded a special prize to Luca Bianco, IED graduate student in Fashion Design, for his efforts in creating the finalist outfit in the contest promoted by Camera Nazionale della Moda.

Bianco was competing, along with colleague Andrea Annarita Mazza, in the special YKK category of the event, with a focus on closure accessories. On the runway for the ‘Fashion Design’ main category, on the other hand, the now former IED students Giorgia Gervasoni and Valeria Nicoletti, with 5 outfits from the collections covered by their own dissertation projects.


It is called LAGRANDE: SISTEMA, it is the collection where Luca Bianco took the outfit that was awarded by YKK at Milano Moda Graduate. A work looking at technological functionality and to the working class: function explains form and provides clothing for the modern worker, while tangled grids and electronic devices as a natural extension of the body celebrate work.

Technological research is well in evidence on the closures: 4 front pockets with water-repellent aquaguard zips, 2 vislon aquaguard zips open on the arms and hips to vary the fit and provide thermo-regulation with the help of eyelets, one vislon aquaguard top open (with tear release opening from the top) in the middle, two zips on the back automated with a mechanical system, engineered by the student himself. The trousers, on the other hand, have aquaguard zips along the entire length of the legs, which can be opened where desired with the help of double sliders, also providing here for proper ventilation.

“Starting with a reflection on automation and the future, my project aims to raise awareness of the possible inconveniences of uncontrolled progress, the impact of over-reliance on technological automation, with a line that aims to combine tailoring with electronics. This is all thanks to the use of an Italian invention with a thousand applications, the ARDUINO programmable board: an extremely basic form of computer to which one can give orders and which, coupled with servomotors, is able to modify - thanks to a system of pulling cables - the shape and usability of the garment according to the situations encountered by the user, from atmospheric conditions to temperature variations, from use in open spaces to passing through closed spaces," Luca says.

Accompanying the system is a look that takes broad inspiration from the intricate machinery that surrounds us every day and that we no longer notice. Instead, the artistic reference consists of a number of cornerstones of Japanese comics and animation, in tune with the criticism of unconscious progress, with the highlighting of what appears to be a dystopian future

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