L'Ossimoro Plastico di Murano arriva anche su Vogue Talents


20 September 2019

Vogue's special edition on new talents selected for its September issue recent IED graduate Francesco Murano, who had already won the Milano Moda Graduate award.

He was able to impress the Jury of Milano Moda Graduate in June with his 'Plastic Oxymoron', but that was not all. That night at Base Milano, Zerina Akers, personal stylist of Beyoncé, had also noticed him. As a result, a few weeks later a pair of shoes by Murano was requested for wearing on the catwalk in Milan by the world-famous performer of 'Spirit’ music video.

Francesco Murano - 22 years old from Buccino (Salerno) - has definitely what it takes to stand out. Sara Maino - together with the staff of Vogue Talents - noticed that straight away. So the special edition of Vogue in September, where talent from top international fashion schools is showcased, features Francesco in the issue hitting news-stands, with two garments from the collection that he created as part of his dissertation project. After all, the Head of Vogue Talents had already met him during the IED Graduates Fashion Show 2019 at Palazzo Castiglioni, awarding him with the 'Franca Sozzani' special mention.

Plastic Oxymoron comes from a philosophical investigation, which is then translated into design and material that can be worn in everyday life: "I started by analysing myself, analysing my contrasts in personality to try and tell something universal, that everyone could recognise themselves in. I wanted to approach opposites on an introspective level, through an investigation of the Apollonian and the Dionysian (Nietzsche), both being the basis of human spirit and creating together a unique and individual harmony," Francesco told Vogue two months ago.

Despite success, Francesco is not getting too big-headed, and keeps an eye on how much there is still to learn: "I want to learn how to work in haute couture or dressmaking to make something that is wearable every day, I want to be able to strike a balance between being rational and irrational, to find harmony and eventually create something beautiful." 

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