22 November 2023

With a graphic project developed by students from IED – Istituto Europeo di Design, the book "Estou Refugiado” tells the dramatic story of four women and their struggles in their countries of origin and about adapting to Brazilian culture.

The participation of the book "Estou Refugiado" in Dubai Design Week highlights social impact through design. The exhibition in question featured about 20 projects chosen from around the world, which focus on students, recent graduates and academics from art and design schools with elements of social transformation on the agenda. 

The selection of the "Estou Refugiado" collection to participate in the exhibition was a decision beyond the obvious reasons of the thematic cut, according to curator organisers at Dubai Design week. They highlighted how the project represents graphic design's contribution to solutions with social impact.  

"The book project Estou Refugiado tells the story of four women in a refugee situation in Brazil. These are real and impactful stories that needed a visual treatment that could translate all the emotion contained in the words recorded in this book", comments Eliane Weizmann, Coordinator of the Graphic and Digital Design degree at IED São Paulo.  

Over the course of three months, under the guidance of Professor Fabio Silveira, the team of designers had weekly meetings to understand the theme, research and discuss visual paths for the project. Together they sought to explore alternatives in the field of page layout, illustration, typography and graphic finishes. The result surprises and dialogues with strong stories and images of accomplishment and overcoming.  

About the event  


The Dubai Design Week is a prominent global event held in the Dubai Design District (D3), which took place from November 7th to 12th. The exhibition provided a platform for graduates from around the world to showcase their creations, fostering dialogues and connections in the diverse landscape of contemporary design.

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