Memory, Transformation, Technology, Space and Materials

These are the words which make it possible to understand the relationship between IED and the most important event of 2023 in the field of Design. 

Unlike a recollection, memory generates knowledge, culture, information and a moment of reflection. Memory is a library of images and sensations that we can constantly draw on and becomes a narrative bridge to connect the past to the present and why not also to the future.

On the basis of this reflection, IED has chosen to appear at Design Week in line with its identity and history. A widespread campus where urban space, digital and real interaction with people and sustainability challenge each other to find a balance, a common goal. Together with the general public, students and creative people in general, we can try to give shape or voice to their passion, their vision, their idea of the future.  

How to find us

  • Ecocentrico
  • Accademia Galli at ADI
  • IED Alumni for Fuorisalone 2023
  • IED BRAZIL at Salone Satellite
  • IED supports Ghassan Salameh
  • IED supports Nicolás Mosulen