10 August 2021

A project about circular fashion aiming to develop a capacity-building program for women to help them acquire the needed skills and traditional techniques that are part of the culture and heritage of a region

IED is one of the partners of Social Growth for Circular and Heritage Fashion – SOGFASH, a project supporting young NEETs women (Not in Education, Employment or Training) who are in need of practical skills that will enhance their employability and their vision to build a meaningful career.

The initiative is co-funded by the European Union and has along with IED there are 5 other international partners: Live Learning Development e.V. (Germany), Fashion Revolution Czech Republic, The Nest (Greece), Mine Vaganti NGO (Italy) and Afridat UG (Germany).

The project provides young women access to peer learning from women over 55 who possess the knowledge of sustainable and heritage craftsmanship techniques on textile and garment production. Some of those traditional techniques have been lost and this project wants to promote them in order to enrich not only the fashion system but also our society and economy.

Along with a collective of international partners, IED will develop an educational toolkit focusing on empowerment and soft skills to enhance employability, entrepreneurial skills to promote micro-businesses and craftmanship production studios, technical skills on how to design and develop textiles and garments… etc.

Also, the research group will be creating a digitized educational program addressed to educators who will be trained on how to apply results and include all the material that will help them upskill their own knowledge and deliver the program to the target groups. 

Finally, they will work on the development and pilot testing of a digital education platform, which will include a mapping of traditional heritage techniques from Europe. This map will be showcased through events and open studios that will take place at each partner’s region and the end of the project in order to spread its own’s country heritage. 

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