Diseño sostenible con propósito, por el IED Barcelona


17 August 2023

Innovative proposals that respond to a range of social problems through design

Our society is facing great present and future challenges, including climate change, the fight against waste and adapting cities to the new needs of their inhabitants. With the aim of improving people’s lives and our relationship with the planet, students of the 2023 edition of IED Barcelona’s Master in Sustainable Design and Social Impact worked on the development of innovative proposals in response to a range of issues over the course of 10 months.

Influenced by their diverse professional origins (industrial engineering, fashion design, architecture and interior design, among other sectors), the young designers chose specific challenges to apply the new knowledge acquired during the programme. With their passion and the help of the IED teachers, they investigated the context, analysed specific difficulties, and tested various options until they came up with a final proposal with a social purpose.

Find out about the different projects by clicking on the images.

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