“Terrakos”, de la alumnus del IED Barcelona Mina Barchi, finalista del premio El Stone and Wood 2023


14 September 2023

The project, which aims to fight against the deterioration of marine ecosystems, competes with 23 other works for the award

The jury of The Stone and Wood, a prestigious award bestowed by the City of Bilbao together with the Provincial Council of Bizkaia in a bid to recognise and promote the talent of new generations in the design industry, has included the “Terrakos” project by the IED Barcelona Product Design alumnus Mina Barchi among the 24 finalist works competing for the award.

Inspired by terracotta, “Terrakos” was born in response to the alarming state of biodiversity in the oceans due to eutrophication and pollution. To counteract this deterioration in marine ecosystems, Barchi proposes a system of two combinable and stackable modules, made either by hand or using 3D ceramic printing, that contain Neptune balls — fibre balls created from the decomposition of Posidonia that act as a fishing net, trapping plastic.

Congratulations to Mina for this nomination!

We will be attentive to the jury’s verdict.

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