12 January 2023

The omnichannel approach is slowly fading away in favor of a more phygital approach.  But what does “Phygital” mean? It is a fairly new term that describes the blend of physical and digital experiences.

This trend has seen its rise due to the COVID-19 pandemic taking over our routines and habits: various studies show that consumers who shop in-store, still tend to anticipate their physical purchases with online or mobile researches, whether it is to look for discounts or to discover the newest collections. The “phygital” phenomenon helps brands reach customers in a never before seen way: users spend more time on their phones every year that passes by and being able to track down their wants and needs becomes more and more significant. 

A great example of this kind of phenomenon are the latest fashion weeks: the democratization of the runways was embraced by several brands, who incorporated digital elements or channels during the show. 

Providing an “augmented” experience, the whole shopping journey shifts its meaning from something just about goods, to a more meaningful involvement that includes the consumer’s active participation. The technological changes are not strictly limited to digital devices, they also took over the physical stores, helping with cutting down costs, speeding up the in-store visits and they made up a great way to stay in touch with the clients even after they left the shop for a seamless purchasing experience.

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