19 May 2022

3 silvers awarded to the 3 campaigns of the communication designers from IED Milan and IED Rome.

From the video game trailer that challenges disinformation on the war in Ukraine, to the music playlist created by a wide range of artists to bridge generational gaps, and the social dating app that even takes culinary tastes into account.

The IED Communication department found success in New York, with 11 undergraduates from the three-year Communication Design programme, returned to Italy with 11 silver pencils received at The One Show: one of the most prestigious awards in the world of advertising and digital marketing.

In fact, each of the three creative campaigns submitted won an award in the Young Ones category dedicated to young designers, with each of the designers thus being awarded one pencil each. These were the Doordash Date project (IED Milan) by Martina Busacca, Federico Catania, Carla Gandi, Nicolò Clausi, and Filippo Fabulli; The Loft project (IED Milan, based on a brief from the Bang & Olofusen company) by Alessandro Azzolini, Giorgia Cavadini, Francesco Cogliati, and Edoardo Dusina; and the True Story project (IED Rome, based on a Warzone - Call of Duty brief) by Lorenzo di Donna and Ilaria Vasari.

“These silver pencils awarded at One Show in New York – the world’s fourth most prestigious award (after the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the Clio Awards and the D&AD, the ADCI and ADCE Europe awards, where IED graduates have also previously received awards) – makes the European Institute of Design’s School of Communication the most highly awarded school at the international level over the past 3 years,” says Elena Sacco, Director of the IED Milan School of Communication, and IED Director of Alumni Relations. “The sense of satisfaction is even greater considering that the awards were received after a two-year pandemic with alternating shut-downs, thanks to an enormous joint effort made by the IED locations in Milan, Turin and Rome. It’s an excellent sign that underscores the value of never giving up”.

The campaigns awarded at the Young Ones Awards

The Loft: despite the generational differences in terms of preferences and styles, music itself and the profound emotions that it arouses remain important tools for human connection. Hence the idea of exploiting the longevity of a brand like Bang & Olofusen to overcome generational “gaps”. How? With a social experiment involving various musical instruments and 10 pairs of artists, all chosen based on their differences in style, age and personality, bringing them together to create a playlist centred precisely around their diversity. The compilation is available on various media, including a digital series on Amazon Prime, and a collectible vinyl record.

Doordash Datebased on a brief from the food delivery platform, this service is designed to facilitate encounters and acquaintances in an unprecedented manner. The proposal connects potential soulmates based on shared culinary tastes. Ordering similar dishes thus gives users an additional opportunity to strike up conversations with those who have similar tastes. Because food has always been something that brings people together.

Warzone True Story: an idea as simple as it is effective, based on the brief by the manufacturer of the well-known video game (Activision Blizzard). If the Russian people aren’t being shown the whole truth about what’s happening in Ukraine through the official media channels, this can be done using content capable of bypassing censorship. A fake video game trailer that shows the Russian people the real war and the crimes that are taking place unbeknownst to most of them.


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