Tres alumni del IED Barcelona pisando fuerte en la 080 Barcelona Fashion


30 October 2023

The collections express concerns such as the existential anguish over environmental damage or the consequences of technology’s unstoppable advance into fashion

From 24 to 27 October, the Sant Pau Modernista site was the setting for the 32nd edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion. IED Barcelona was present once again among the 24 designers listed at the show, this time in the form of three alumni: Eñaut, Paolo Leduc and Javier Girón.

Girón was the first to present, on Tuesday, October 25, with a capsule collection at the ONE REAL WORLD off-space, a unique immersive experience that combined 3D video installations, sound systems, lighting schemes and contemporary artistic structures. Its genderfluid, cyberpunk presentation was perfectly in tune with the setting. Inspired by altering reality, where the borders between the human and the digital are blurred, it suggested taking time to reflect about the world we inhabit and the one in which we would long to exist.

Paolo Leduc’s parade also took place on the same day. Following his presence at 080 in spring, he once again participated at this event, this time with a proposal that thrilled the media, confirming him as a local talent to watch. His “Couture 2 Paolo Leduc Contraband Goods” collection continued to cement his brand’s DNA: a blend of tailoring (a brand pillar), craftsmanship, graffiti and rock and punk culture.

Finally, it was Eñaut’s turn on Friday, October 27. This multi-award-winning designer (his brand, created in 2018, continues to accumulate awards such as REC.0 for Best Designer and Best Emerging Design Collection from 080 Barcelona Fashion) presented his “Estertor” parade. A collection overflowing with personality that reflects the difficulty in breathing because of the anguish resulting from the apocalyptic future to which our current lifestyle is leading us. With only two colours, blue and black, see-through masks and large holes in blazers and jackets, mimicking the hole in the ozone layer, Eñaut reminds us that stopping environmental damage is still in our hands.


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