“UP NOODLE”, de Camila Kotliarsky, y “Flowing”, de Maria Mei Bellsolá, del IED Barcelona, nominadas a los Green Product Awards 2024


21 December 2023

Public voting to select the winners concludes on 14 January

“UP NOODLE” is a new packaging concept for “noodles in a cup” that helps to reduce the carbon footprint in transportation. “Flowing” is a Bottle Sharing service to minimise the generation of plastic waste in the tourism sector. These are two of the 275 ecological products and concepts nominated in the 11th edition of the Green Product Awards.

Designed by Camila Kotliarsky, a 4th year Graphic Design student at IED Barcelona, “UP NOODLE” is inspired by modern East Asian culture to form a strong bond with the visual arts and a young, creative audience. The packaging applies the Kresling origami method to allow easier stacking, thereby maintaining a reduced mass in transportation. When purchased, it expands to be consumed later and is also fully compostable.

“Flowing”, by Maria Mei Bellsolá, who studied the Master in Sustainable Design and Social Impact, allows hotel guests to replace disposable plastic water bottles by reusable and returnable bottles. The project includes an app where the user can consult a map showing the distribution and refilling points for the bottles.

Both works have been selected among 1,500 entries from 54 countries by an international jury. Public voting to select the winners concludes on 14 January and the awards ceremony will be held in April. The young designers who win an award will benefit from special support through the IKEA Stiftung, such as workshops, mentorships and industry contacts, organised by the Green Future Club.

This is the link to vote for “UP NOODLES”; and this is the one for “Flowing”.

The international Green Product Awards honour visionary design concepts for sustainable products, services and materials based on their originality, possibility of implementation, proposal development process and positive impact on society. Design, innovation and sustainability are additional criteria that are taken into account when selecting the proposals.


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