Amuza Lucienne de Waal IED Barcelona Premio IED Colección Alfaro Hofmann

Academic year


Winner, IED Alfaro Hofmann Collection Award 2024

A fun and engaging system specifically designed for Generation Alpha. It features a pinewood board with strategically placed holes where large soft cogs can be attached with bolts that double as a bulb. As the children spin these cogs, their movement generates electricity that turns the bolts into lanterns, providing a soft, dim light that they can then move to other living spaces.

Designed with the context of collective spaces in mind (educational, museums, co-housing playrooms, among others), Amuza promotes hands-on interaction and collaboration among children. In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, keeping little ones away from screens and fostering their physical, cognitive, and social development is more crucial than ever.

Amuza is not only a tool for creativity, skill development, problem solving and teamwork, but also radiates joy and happiness for our future generations.

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