Suarisu Spencer Finch-Batista IED Barcelona Premio IED Colección Alfaro Hofmann

Academic year


Honorable Mention, IED Alfaro Hofmann Collection Award 2024

Energy-efficient portable light designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Easily transportable, it can act as both an ambient light and a table lamp.

Suraisu connects its minimalist aesthetic with the principles and tradition of Japanese design. Starting as a basic cylindrical volume, the product transforms into a more complex and visually appealing form. The system allows the user to control the intensity and range of the light by sliding the downlight in or out. At the same time, the aesthetic of diffused light tilted towards the viewer reinvents the classic idea of ​​an eclipse, depicted in a lighting product.

Equipped with a USB-C charging port and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that powers a two-watt LED, Suraisu hopes to encourage a responsible use of electricity and aims to form a part of the growing portable lighting sector in the lighting market.

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