Gelu Malak Abdelaziz IED Barcelona Premio IED Colección Alfaro Hofmann

Academic year


Honorable Mention, IED Alfaro Hofmann Collection Award 2024

Inspired by Egyptian hospitality and culture, Gelu is a sustainable refrigerator that combines advanced, modernised technology with a sleek design. Using hydrocarbon refrigerants, it offers an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic options that are harmful to the environment.

Key features of Gelu include a compartmentalised structure and a transparent tempered glass door with sensor-activated LED lighting, allowing users to see inside without opening the refrigerator. These LED lights are more durable and eco-friendly than traditional light bulbs used in regular fridges.

The integrated thermostat ensures precise temperature control, improving energy efficiency, and SlimTech™ insulation revolutionises refrigeration with a vacuum-insulated structure, reducing wall thickness by up to 66%, increasing capacity by 25%, and improving energy efficiency by 50%. It also cools 30% faster and runs more quietly, allowing for spacious, customisable interiors.

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