Academic year

2021 - 2022

Mitsubishi Moonstone explores the routes of the future with great attention and respect for the environment. This concept vehicle is strongly oriented toward astonishing performance, aerodynamic lines, cutting-edge technology, and a zero-emission concept.

A naming that evokes the curiosity and boldness needed to meet the challenges of the future: Mitsubishi Moonstone hints at space exploration to make imaging a not-too-distant future where roads and uncharted territories are traversed by a silent electric Crossover that becomes a part of the landscape

Mitsubishi Moonstone is a sculptural work of pure dynamics that doesn’t conceal its technical aspects but rather enhances them, starting with the lidar (obstacle radar detectors) on the bonnet and the visible fog lights that give the vehicle a strong identity. The combination continues with the completely closed grille painted to communicate the electric drive, with four-wheel drive, and a door shape that revisits the canons of sportiness, here deployed ergonomically to ensure plenty of room for the four occupants.