Car Design - An introduction

Summer and Winter courses - Turin

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Italy is a center of excellence and innovation in the field of automotive design. IED Torino is based in the automotive capital of Italy, home to such iconic companies as Fiat, Lancia, Pininfarina and Alfa Romeo. Within such a context IED offers this summer program that introduces the fundamental elements and tools necessary to become a future car designer. The course provides students with an overview of contemporary trends and industrial challenges and focuses on car designer’s professional role.

The program will will furthermore give students the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and intellectual abilities to design new vehicles based on a clear understanding of proportion, volume and surface design principles.

Through a program of visits to companies, meetings with professionals and practical training, students will experience the professional output of this career path. Visits may include: Pininfarina, Ferrari, Museum of the Automobile, Cecomp.

  • Start date
    July 2018
  • Duration
    3 weeks
  • Attendance
  • Language

Schedule: From Monday to Thursday during the 1st and 2nd week and from Monday to Friday during the 3rd week, on a full time basis (morning and afternoon) the course has a duration of 75 hours spread over 3 weeks.

Target : This is an introductory level program, designed for creative, flexible, open-minded students or professionals from other fields who want to learn and take on challenges. People who are interested in the world of automotive design and have no prior knowledge or experience in the discipline. Skills such as drawing or sketching can be useful even if not mandatory. Applicants need to show strong motivation and the ability to work in groups.

Methodology and structure - This summer course is intented to stimulate creative thinking while allowing students to develop technical skills.
Following an introduction to the automobile industry from an historical point of view, students acquire the technical skills to correctly visualize a concept and to explore an object from different points of observation. They will understand and master the techniques of volume and perspective in design which will allow them to develop ‘creative concepts’ and translate their own ideas in car design projects. After a general overview of the automotive engineering, students will move forward into modelling lab and will produce their car design model. Projects will be subject to groups and teachers’ critiques. 

The course is a synergy between theoretical lessons, visits to companies and meetings with specialised professionals of the automotive environment. Visits are not passive learning experiences.

Students will be tasked with diverse assignments for each visit and are expected to engage with the speakers and tutors as part of their classwork and overall experience.

Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

Alessandro Cipolli - Course Coordinator

Alessandro Cipolli - Course Coordinator
He began his career with a concept car project in collaboration with Kia Motors Korea in Milan. He joined Fiat Advance Design Team in Turin in 2005, where he currently collaborates in style researchers for 500 Abarth, Lancia Delta and Lancia Ypsilon. After a working experience in Pininfarina as 3D Designer, he went back in Fiat for following the interiors development of the new Panda and 500 gamut. He thereafter was added in the UX Design LAB of FCA Group, where he improved as Interaction Designer.  

Davide Tealdi

Davide Tealdi
After several experiences in companies such as Fiat Design Center, Form Design Center Italdesign, Idea Institute and Nucleo Design Factory, he joined Kiska’s transportation design department. In 2006 he founded ESSERE Group, multidisciplinary company engaged in external consultancy for the transportation and product design, but also for marketing, brand and product strategy, architecture and POS design. He has been teaching at the University of Applied Sciences FHS Salzburg Kuchl since 2006.

  • Topics

    • Introduction to the Profession and Industry

      This program gives an overview both to industry and profession, especially from the historical Italian perspective.

    • Sketching

      The main focus of the program is to develop and refine student’s capacity for freehand sketching and drawing.The car designer is between the sculptor and the engineer, and creates moving objects of desire. In terms of sketching and rendering, car design has the final word in industrial design process, and is placed at the top of the design pyramid. By starting from basic elements (parallelepiped, cylinder, etc.), the course provides the students with a prospective drawing model for the car sketch. This requires a great deal of time and dedication both in and outside of the classroom.

    • Automotive Engineering

      Focuses on the understanding of the “architecture” of the vehicle. This includes automotive ergonomics, aerodynamics, technical overview as well as understanding the basic motor types.

    • Modelling

      Introduces the theoretical and technical elements necessary to produce car design models at different stages of project development. The real 3D view allows the student to examine the shapes and volumes and to check its coherence with reference to the physical laws and the processing techniques. Modelling is a key phase of the design process as allows students to verify ideas and refine them, checking volumes, proportions and connections between the various parts of a vehicle.
      Students will create basic clay models as the final part of this module of the program.