Yacht Design



Start date

November 2024


Full time


On campus


11 Months

The Master in Yacht Design offers the ideal educational path to become a Yacht Designer

The Master in Yacht Design offers the ideal educational path to become a Yacht Designer, by giving the necessary skills to deal with every stage of the design process – from the initial research and development of the concept to the actual construction of the interiors and exteriors and the validation of production processes in the boatyard. 

In recent years, the nautical sector has expanded constantly, confirming its role as one of the drivers of Made in Italy design. Furthermore, and the new classic approach, based on naval architecture, is taking on an automotive oriented edge, which introduces new working standards and technical and style solutions borrowed from car design.

The vocation of the Piemonte area, which boasts a number of style centres and renowned companies in the land and sea transport sectors, as well as one of the world’s largest shipyards, combined with the short distance from the coast of Liguria, makes Turin the natural setting for a training course founded on the growing process of osmosis that links the yacht world and the automotive industry. 

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The course is planned in levels, which begin with providing students with essential knowledge of the nautical sector, in terms of both cultural aspects and basic techniques. From there, students gradually acquire the skills connected with yacht design. 

Starting from a study of the history and current scenarios of the nautical sector, students will go on to study the market and obtain more detail knowledge of the different types of boats. They acquire significant knowledge of materials, technologies and production methods, including through hands-on experience in a shipyard. They are provided with technical drawing and design tools, as well.

A further strength of this Master course is the fact that is delivered on two campuses, Turin and Venice. This offers participants a dual scenario, in which both cities represent an important aspect of the themes the course is focused on: the tradition of the automotive industry on the one hand, and the maritime vocation on the other. 

The training course ends with a Thesis Project, developed on a brief given by a boatyard or a design studio.

The admission of the Master is open to graduates in Architecture, Engineering and in the field of Design (Transportation, Interior, Product), as well as professionals in the sector seeking to apply their skills in this specific area.


Federica Bertolini

Style Manager - Azimut Yachts Thesis Supervisor

Course Coordinator

Lorenzo Ciuffatelli

Transportation Designer - Pinifarina

Andrea Sculati

Founder and Director - Sculati & Partners

Luca Sordelli

Marketing and Communication Manager - Harken Italy, Journalist - Wired, Barche, Nautech

Nicola Scopelliti

Freelance Yacht Designer & Co-founder - Scopelliti Rasia Architetti

Lorenzo Penato

Camilla Pierucci

Naval and Nautical designer

Stefano D'Adamo

Style Coordinator - Azimut Yachts

Roberto Tarozzo

Engineering Office Manager / Project Manager - Azimut-Benetti

Sergio Cutolo

Founder and Owner - Hydro Tec

Alessandra De Luca

Training & Development Manager - Azimut-Benetti

Umberto Maria Fossati

Founder and Director - Fossati design Bureau