IED Network

April 20, 2022

A Tribute to Ukraine – IED Scholarship winner for Vogue Italy

The Ukrainian Photographer, IED Scholarship winner, Yasha Zhylin has participated in the project of the PhotoVogue community to share the story of his family during the war in Ukraine.

The photo shooting, curated by Giovanni Ottonello, IED Art Director, was organized in the frame of FVAR – Fashion Visual Art Residence, an international cross-disciplinary project aimed at creating original fashion stories.

The photographers who took part in the contest were asked to represent the work of two of the designers participating in IYDC – International Young Designers Contest organized by the Ukrainian Fashion Council and IED. Yasha Zhylin has teamed with the Georgian Designer Levani Shvelidze, and the Latvia-based Designer Milana Felicija Semjonova.

IED stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people as well as those who are still suffering abuse and violence at the hands of others.