Madrid Milan

May 19, 2021

IED the only Italian school at the WantedDesign international exhibition for new design talents and creatives

IED is proud to be the only Italian school at the spring 2021 edition of WantedDesign Online International Schools Show, with 15 thesis projects completed in 2020 by 35 IED Milan postgraduate students, out of a total of 150 international talents involved in the entire exhibition. IED is also the only school to have been selected in Spain, represented by its Madrid branch.
In this unusual year, it was only natural for IED students to discuss and reflect on the theme of Distances. “Remote working has shown us that, rather than space, it is the management of time, the articulation of every step in the process, and the activation of individual tasks that is really crucial.
Time has redesigned distance and provided a way in which to unite people, expertise and operations. The remote experience has seen us connect to shared networks and dictate (limited) time frames for the development of projects, in spite of incredible distance. The world is small, because time regulates it” reflects Carlo Branzaglia, Scientific Coordinator of the IED Milan postgraduate area.

IED creative projects on show at WantedDesign (end of course thesis projects that, for the most part, responded to briefs from key partner companies) range from Graphics projects such as the promotional campaign for a new line of sustainable beauty products (#DavinesforFuture by Filippo Finati, Irene Ingoglia, Valeria Lapiana and Lorenzo Noventa) to fashion collections, like those inspired by the figure of Neil Barrett (Every Curves by Jie-Xin Xia, Dogma73 by Ludovico Portogallo, Glitch by Nastaran Hashemi, all studying for a Master in Fashion Design); from fun learning educational kits (Yatta Stem kits, created as part of the Master in Design – Innovation, Strategy and Product by Rajat Parmar and Gaye Temizarabaci) to Interior Design proposals for a new vision of shared spaces within Amazon distribution centres (, by Lorenzo Carrozza, Maria Castelazo Alatorre, Marie Kamel, Lisa Lambertini and Aidana Niyazaliyeva); from new and disruptive packaging and activation proposals for eyewear brand Arnette (Haeree Min, Jacob Henningson, Yosra Hussin, Jacopo Mantovani and Yi-Shan Yeh on the Brand Management and Communication course) to a brand-new phygital experience of the world of Burger King (Life bite, by Paola Cecere, Francesco Menegazzo, Federica Ravellino and Alessandro Scuto, Creative Direction students); from a launch strategy for the new Citroën AMI  (Turn the good vibes on, by Luisa Bonanome, Ilaria Bonini, Silvia Mangano, Chiara Natali and Irene Pompei on the Digital Communication Strategy Master course) to personal Fashion Communication and Styling projects (archival research The Cabinet of Boudoir Dolls by Lorraine Betta, Teia platforms by Ariel Camar Bretas and Phenix by Erna Dzaferovic to connect and support young fashion creatives).
Completing the circle are two Fashion Marketing projects: Inclusivity–BreakingTheFashionBubble (by Irene Costantini, Priscilla Johanna, Sofia Schluter Gras and Meghna Vadivel) and The retail experience: between omnichannel and personalization (Chiara Granaldi and Pierluigi Montemurro).

Below you find a selection of images of the IED projects at WantedDesign Online International Schools Show. The entire exhibition can be viewed here.

*In the main image, a shot of The Cabinet of Boudoir Dolls by Lorraine Betta.