November 26, 2020

The profession of Graphic Designer: Isabella Ahmadzadeh

The IED Master course in Graphic Design – Focus on New Media offers a high level of professional preparation, mixing traditional design methods to teach the new skills needed on the contemporary scene, paying endless attention to the latest market requirements in visual communication.

We interviewed the course coordinator, Isabella Ahmadzadeh, a multidisciplinary visual artist born in Italy. She has worked for various companies in Florence and Milan and as a graphic designer for Gucci, specializing in photographic art direction. Her type design work was selected by AWDA Design Award in 2017 and her illustrations for Zetafonts Type Foundry were featured by Print Magazine for the Typography & Lettering Awards in 2016. She also exhibited at the WHY Festival 2020 alongside other leading artists and visual designers on the contemporary scene.

Why should someone choose graphic design as a professional career?

We are surrounded by images: on our smartphones, scrolling our social networks, on food packaging, on the billboards we see while we are walking around… Graphic design is everywhere! It shapes and influences the imagery of people. It’s an exciting professional field in which passion for visual culture meets strategy and problem solving. Seeing something you designed interacting with people is always exciting because it could make a difference on an emotional level too.

How has graphic design changed in the years? Have these crazy times affected this profession?

In recent years, new technologies have of course had a massive impact on graphic design. We have now amazing tools and data that can be part of our design process, tackling the countless challenges of everyday work from new, unexpected points of view. Due to the pandemic, this is now truer than ever: since people are unable to go places, companies are trying to reach their public through digital. The production of visual contents and new communication strategies have increased a lot. The whole process is stressful and tiresome, but the output has been amazing: the era of the “wow” ideas has started.

What is IED’s approach to this path of study?

The IED philosophy has always been “learning by doing”. In this sense, the Master’s Graphic Design program (which is now in its 11th edition) combines theoretical and practical methods, developing a learning process that is similar to the professional workflow. Most classes consist of working on the basis of realistic briefs and deadlines, reconstructing the dynamics of companies, studios and institutions. This is also possible thanks to continuous feedback from the professors, who are first and foremost experts and professionals in their respective fields of teaching.


What would be the best piece of advice to someone who would like to become a graphic designer?

Don’t stop learning! Always be curious, not only about graphic stuff, but also about what is out of the box. The life and the work of a graphic designer depend on each other. Design with passion and everybody will see it.