Start date

July 2025




On campus


2 Weeks

A course in which you’ll learn to take the creation of texts and images to the next level.

The Summer Course in Creativity and Artificial Intelligence is a course in English that invites you to explore the enormous possibilities offered by artificial intelligence in the creation of texts and images.  

Generative Artificial Intelligence is emerging as a new way to empower creative talent and transform the way we create and experience content.  

The course is ideal for people interested in exploring the field, to put AI to good use in your life, work and creative environment.  

Taking a creative and critical approach, you’ll learn to create prompts and use a variety of tools, such as Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT.  

Information to decide

An experimental and collaborative course to understand the impact of AI, learn to generate unique and relevant content, and enhance your creativity.  

A very dynamic course in which you’ll gain experience in practical exercises that challenge conventional thinking, working in teams and on group presentations. It also includes visits to creative spaces in Barcelona and talks given by guest experts on how AI can be applied in different fields.  

Anyone who wants to discover the ins and outs of the course topic, as it covers more than just the field of design.  Whether or not you have prior knowledge of generative AI, in this practice-based course you’ll develop your creativity and explore the new frontiers between technology and human experience.  

This course lets you integrate generative AI in your creative skillset. It’s conceived as a journey where people with different backgrounds can explore the enormous possibilities offered by this tool, together.  

For two weeks you’ll share knowledge and inspiration in the very heart of the Gràcia district, in a vibrant and multicultural environment. In addition, you’ll be invited to talks given by experts and visit creative spaces in Barcelona, to live experiences outside the classroom, in one of the most innovative cities in Europe.  

Depending on your profile and previous experience, the knowledge you’ll acquire can open the doors to professional fields where generative AI is having a strong impact:  

·       Multidisciplinary Design 

·       Photography 

·       Creative/Art Direction 

·       Art 

·       Design/Visual Research 

·       ...and more  


Introduction to Generative AI Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT  

Text-Image Relationship  

Prompting Technique – Midjourney 

Prompting Technique - ChatGPT  

Prompting Technique - Stable Diffusion 

Training AI model - Stable Diffusion  

Experimental Prompting  

Applying AI in Creative Process