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Start date

September 2023


Full time


On campus


3 Years




from €16,900

An exclusive course in which you’ll learn how to apply your creative mindset and design skills to a specific context.

You’ll develop your skills as never before to convert creative ideas into viable and sustainable business proposals, defining your user, value proposition and ecosystem of action. You’ll also discover the technologies, resources and methods required to apply design to business.

The market needs more and more multidisciplinary professionals, designers who can recognise opportunities for innovation and come up with the ideas needed to create and implement new systems. This course will help you to combine design, innovation and technology to drive positive change in the 21st century.

In the 3-year course you’ll develop as a member of a team, and gain the experience you need to launch your own start-up. Your lecturers are professional designers working in the sector, eager to pass on their first-hand experience and knowledge.

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With a project-based learning method you’ll gain experience that’s easy to apply in an international context.

Hands-on experience and a creative methodology is always our point of reference, an essential part of design thinking, the very core of the course. 

In this course you’ll learn all the basics of 'diverging' work, how to analyse the context of the project, find and recognise opportunities and come up with ideas, as well as 'converging' work to find and propose, validate and implement a variety of solutions in various real-life scenarios.

You’ll work with a hands-on learning method, playing an active role in learning activities, alternating between theoretical input and hands-on exercises. The course, which includes a project to be developed every year, is held in an interdisciplinary and international setting, alternating between individual reflection and collaborative teamwork. 

The BA (Hons) in Business Design is a course for students with an ambition to make the world a better place by providing solutions people can use, solutions that are both technologically feasible and economically viable for the companies that implement them.

If you find inspiration in a range of design disciplines and want to apply a design mindset to various business areas, this is the course for you.

At the end of the course you’ll have learnt everything you need to turn your passion for design into design solutions in a fully functional business context.

We live in an ever-changing world where design visionaries have an increasingly crucial role to play.

This course is one of the few that offers Business Design in an undergraduate course, giving you a broad understanding of different design disciplines (product, service, web, application, strategy, etc.). You’ll also learn how to apply a design mindset to a business context.

Project-based learning gives you the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice. This course is offered in collaboration with the University of Westminster, so on completion of the course you’ll have a degree from a renowned British university.


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