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September 2022


Full time


On campus


3 Years



IED Barcelona is the only centre in Spain imparting the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Design validated by the University of Westminster.

This programme brings together design, business and technology to train the creative professionals of the future.

Today’s labour market is increasingly demanding a new professional profile that can participate in multidisciplinary teams in charge of identifying innovation opportunities, generating creative ideas and developing and implementing new strategies, products or services. 

The BA (Hons) in Business Design is a course for people aiming to make a contribution to improving the world through user-friendly, technologically feasible and viable solutions for companies. Its three-year programme provides a set of design tools and methodologies that can be applied to companies in order to solve challenges and create valuable solutions. 

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BA (Hons) in Business Design is unique and highly innovative. It brings together design, business and technology to train the creative professionals of the future.

The first year focuses on the basics of design, business and technology. The students explore design at the graphical and product levels and as a key element in communication. They also look at the concept of “user-focused”.

In the area of business, they focus on how to find innovative solutions to complex challenges. They also learn about the evolution of new technologies, taking their first steps in user experience-based programming.

The second year looks in depth at the product research and prototyping stage and familiarises the students with the concepts of user experience and service design. In addition, the students focus on the idea generation and definition process, while closely examining the factors required for managing the legal, financial, branding and communication aspects of business, with an emphasis on the digital world. An initial approximation to frameworks such as the Lean Startup and agile management techniques complete their vision of innovation project management.

In the third year, the students work on exploring design at a more intangible level, such as defining strategies, prototyping services, analysing designs and, in the business and technology section, focusing on defining and implementing innovation processes. Lastly, they have to apply all the knowledge acquired to develop their final project with a real client, that combines a part of deep research with a practical development focused on solving the briefing. To prepare them to go out into the world of work, the students also touch on the topic of personal branding, in order to develop their own personal brand.

The BA (Hons) in Business Design offers students the opportunity to grow by using a very practical, creative learning methodology. Design Thinking is not only taught as a subject but is also present throughout the entire learning process. The students alternate between stages of “diverging” work, in which they have to learn to analyse the context in which they are operating, identify opportunities and generate ideas, and stages of “converging” work, in which they have to find and propose solutions, validate them and implement them.

Hands-on learning is therefore an integral part of the students’ experience and they are asked to participate actively in the teaching activities, constantly moving between theoretical input and practical exercises. All of this takes place in an interdisciplinary, international environment that encourages alternating between individual work and reflection and collaborative team work. All the instructors on the course are working professionals who deal with real-world challenges in industry.

After finishing the course, the students will be able to work in innovation departments, managing the uncertainties of the future and incorporating innovation strategies. They will also develop an entrepreneurial mentality that will permit them to design businesses or create start-ups.

They will have the skills needed to work internationally in service design, strategic design, innovation, entrepreneurship and also in the field of communications, both in companies and in consultancies, agencies and studios.


IED MANAGEMENT alumni work at:

Mango, Designit Oslo, The Brandery, lkxa “La Caixa”, Habaluc, Primavera Sound, Barcelona Code School, etc.


Companies that have collaborated with the area: Lekué, Agència de Residus de Catalunya, Port de Barcelona, Sónar +D, Cruïlla, SEAT, etc. 

Catalunya Ecodisseny 2017 Award.


Gabriela Pedranti


Mireia Dilmé


Joao Antunes