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Timeless Hooks is a fanzine exploring the natural, urban and social regeneration of the Ex Macello space in Milano as a result of a workshop during the Milano Design Week 2023.

Timeless Hooks is a fanzine made during the Milano Design Week 2023 for a group of students from different sites of IED. The project was a response of the Ecocentrico event presented in Alcova where students worked on this visual journal reflecting everything that when through the installation located in the Ex Macello.

For a week they reported, impressed and remembered through time, spaces and people on a fanzine discussing one specific topic: urban and social regeneration. Through the design point of view, they centered his project on this particular space were Ecocentrico took place that used to be a slaughterhouse and has transformed many times over the past.

Visually, students presented in a fanzine a reflection on the space as well as all the activities that took place with pictures, drawings and texts on a workshop guided by Simona Dell’Unto, IED Milano teacher.  


Elena Bicocchi - IED Roma

Marianna Jecmikova - IED Barcelona

Jawan Aklouk - IED Milano

Alice Pugliesi - IED Torino

Antoni Roca - IED Barcelona

Greta Edkvist - IED Barcelona

Camilo Patiño - IED Madrid

Dani Herrera - IED Madrid


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