Start date

September 2025


Full time


On campus


2 Years


2020 Hours

Acquire the tools you need to depict your creative ideas and illustrate all the tales you have to tell on paper in your very own style, exploring the infinite possibilities of illustration.

Let the image talk! In the IED Madrid Two-Year Higher Certificate Course in Illustration you’ll learn to develop a visual language to convey ideas and concepts in the form of pictures.

You’ll acquire the tools you need to create illustrations using a variety of techniques and artistic styles. You’ll also have the chance to learn the fundamental strategies of graphic storytelling to create publications and illustrated storyboards.

From comics to graphic novels, from editorial illustration to children's stories, the possibilities in the field of illustration are endless. In this 2-year course you’ll discover how to use drawing to illustrate an idea or convey the written word to develop, refine and enhance the concept; these are the foundations of this centuries-old traditional art form.

Information to decide

In this official course you’ll learn that the secret of illustration lies in its ability to convey ideas.

This course is based on a hands-on methodology you’ll use to create your own language to develop projects in a variety of fields such as advertising, design, publishing and art.

You’ll put all the theory you learn in the classrooms and workshops- equipped with the latest technologies - into practice, collaborating with companies on real projects.

At the end of the 2-year course you’ll graduate with an official degree certifying 2,000 study hours, the equivalent of 120 ECTS credits, valid and recognised throughout the European Higher Education Area, giving you access to other training programs, scholarships and Ministry grants.

The IED Madrid Two-Year Higher Certificate Course in Illustration is for people who want to take their first steps in the world of illustration, comics and graphic novels.

The certificate course is for students who are going to work in advertising or artistic fields, fields that offer an infinite number of possibilities for developing illustration projects: the picture book, trend article or opinion piece; a comic strip or children's tale; illustrated erotic fiction or horror story, to name just a few.

The Two-Year Higher Certificate Course in Illustration was developed by IED Madrid to enrich the standard course, incorporating in-depth modules on the creation of comic strips and graphic novels.

The course includes access to associated Labs such as PrintLAB (screen printing, risograph, engraving) and BookLAB, where you can develop projects using all the theoretical know-how and hands-on experience you’ve acquired in the 2-year course.

But there’s more! All Madrid Visual Arts’ courses have access to PortfolioLAB where students can design and create their very own portfolio. Students are also actively encouraged to participate in design competitions and contests, and develop actual projects with real clients.

Last but not least, this course opens the doors to the professional world in Madrid, the epicentre of the design industry, and a city where there’s constant demand for professional illustrators. The Professional Association of Illustrators of Madrid not only represents professionals in the city, it also organises the most important awards in the sector.


What will you learn?

In the first year, you’ll discover the theoretical concepts of illustration and learn the historical importance of this art form applied to the professional world. You’ll explore commonly used techniques of artistic expression.


Careers Education and Guidance

History of Illustration

Image Theory

Computer Resources

The Fundamentals of Visual Representation and Expression

Applied Spatial Representation

Graphic Expression Techniques

Traditional Graphic Techniques


Illustration Projects I

What will you learn?

In the second year you’ll put your creative talent to work on projects with specific objectives: you’ll work on the conceptualisation of messages and gain real work experience with illustration studios, workshops and companies. You’ll also present an Integral Project in which you’ll apply everything you’ve learnt in the 2-year course.


Drawing Applied to Illustration

Producing Industrial Graphics


Sequential Illustration Projects

The Technical Script and Sequential Narrative

Illustration Projects II


Professional foreign language

Hands-On Work Experience in Illustration Studios, Workshops or Companies

Integral Project


Oskar Ranz

Visual Artist

Miguel Ordóñez

Blanca Gracia Gallego

Luján Marcos Gozalo

Roberto Masso

Ana Bustelo