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January 2024


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1 Year

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Marina Spadafora

Research, experiment and build your own style with the Master’s Course in Fashion Design at IED Milano

Designing for fashion is about working constantly on research and experimentation, creating from a line, a thread, a piece of fabric. Develop into a professional who can understand and work on sustainable projects, designing carefully with attention to zero waste, circularity of materials, and supply chain.

The Master’s Course in Fashion Design at IED Milano will help you understand that being a designer can be much more than just a career, as fashion can work as a positive source of inspiration for other industries.

You will use your know-how to introduce a new design approach into this market, opening up a different perspective on the process of garment development. These skills will help you build your own style and uniqueness. 

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Introducing sustainability into fashion

The Master Course in Fashion Design at IED Milano provides a training programme that will bring you to complete mastery of the creative process.

Starting with a concept, you will be fully involved in researching, sketching, defining colours and materials, creating and promoting a fashion collection.

This Master Course seeks to train up Fashion Designers with creative, technical and design skills in garment making and production process management.

These professionals will have the ability to explore new approaches to design as they prepare to move into their future careers, where sustainability plays an increasingly central role.

The Master Course in Fashion Design at IED Milano is for those like you who wish to push themselves beyond their limits, believing in the opportunity and need to take action to bring about revolutionary change in this industry. 

It is intended for students with undergraduate education in Fashion Design or also professionals who are already working in the industry and wish to further develop their expertise by introducing a new approach to research and design.

Prerequisite is knowledge of Fashion Design techniques and practice, which should be demonstrated through a work portfolio.

The Master Course in Fashion Design at IED Milano is a type of training that is unique in its excellence. It provides in-depth coverage of sustainability, with a critical, reality-based and practical approach, through cooperation with designers and professionals who have deep roots in sustainability.

This training is organised as a creative workshop where students are mentored in a step-by-step acquisition of project design methods, where ethics and aesthetics merge with social and environmental concerns. You will learn how to create a collection in a new way, achieving a great deal in terms of creative results.

Project-based training is the core of this Master Course and consists of 4 phases: the Bespoke workshop, focusing on the creation of a custom-made garment; the Contemporary workshop, which is entirely concerned with understanding the process of upcycling; the Womenswear and Menswear project, both being developed as complementary activities to the training received before working on the dissertation. The outputs produced at each stage will contribute to creating your own work portfolio.

Upon completion of this programme, students are qualified and ready to work as designers in many different ways. Covering everything from prêt-à-porter to boutique, they will be able to create and manage different types of products and production phases. They will also take an active role as they work on style, product, textile and print offices, or also as Technical Product Specialists, Product Development, and Pattern Makers.


This Master's Degree covers both cultural subjects and practical workshops, with a view to building and expanding your knowledge of innovative fabrics and materials.

It also provides skills to successfully carry out new techniques in the areas of circular and virtual design. 

Along the way, students are supervised by project leaders who are all acknowledged professionals in the fashion world.


Fashion Culture
Methodology Upcycling
Project Development Workshops
Personal Design
Lab Materials and Textiles and Lab Realization
Textile Methodology
Knit Lab
Fashion Sociology and Trends
Visual Language
Integrative Activities and Case Histories
Thesis Project


Marina Spadafora

Sustainability and style consultant

Course Coordinator

Renato Stasi


Cora Bellotto

Fashion Designer

Angelo Montanini

Fashion Illustrator

Letizia Rizzo

Fashion Designer & Holistic Mentor

Rachel Dobson

Textile expert

Giovanni Ottonello

Luca Minora

Tailor and Pattern Maker freelance

Lia Mondina


Jane Scaffidi Abbate

Fashion Designer

Silvia Casaluci

International Head Hunter - HR Advisor

Serena Sala

Sociologist and Visual Communication Consultant

Course partner