Start date

November 2024


Full time


On campus


1 Year

Course Coordination

Antonio Bandini

Learn to decipher the codes of true luxury. Design garments with the finest materials, accessories and techinques thanks to the contribution of expert artisans.

There have been significant changes in the Haute Couture in the past few years.

The development of the Television and Music industries and recently also the Internet Society have multiplied the physical and virtual opportunities to show off Haute Couture items.

There was, and still exists, a niche of very wealthy people worldwide who appreciate the quality of fashion products, who are very cultured and  who can afford garments made of the finest materials and sophisticated designs. Over time the clientele has expanded in three directions. They are younger, they come from far away markets, they continue to appreciate the quality of the products but are also interested in the concept of status. Moreover the brands that work with high fashion have started to develop collections also dedicated to the men’s world. 

The great quality of workmanship, the great quality of the fabric and accessories, a great quality of design, ideas and experimentation are the basis of the course in Fashion Design – Haute Couture.

Information to decide

The Master’s program in Fashion Design – Haute Couture at IED Milano involves the alternation of cultural, theoretical/practical lessons, design-labs and intensive workshops.

The strong laboratory aspect of the course is addressed through “hands on case histories” which also involve companies of the industry and the expert hands of qualified artisans.

We will build a tailoring studio within the school and you will develop your skills in Drawing, Draping and Sartorial Techniques while building knowldge in History of Fashion, Fashion Sociology and Trends, Textiles and Materials, as well as Marketing.

Three design projects with partner companies and experts, guest lectures, and visits will lead you to your final project.

The Master’s program in Fashion Design – Haute Couture at IED Milano is aimed at graduates in Fashion design, and designers in the fashion sector, who want to deepen their knowledge and specialize in the Haute Couture field.

Knowledge of sewing, pattern making and hand drawing is required.

Recommended but non-binding skills include knowledge of Office and Adobe packages, to help illustrate and develop sketches, prints, mood boards, etc.

We will welcome students attentive and curious towards the world of fashion and everything creative, who love beauty,  what is well made, and who are willing to think and design true luxury.

Students who successfully complete the Master’s program in Fashion Design – Haute Couture at IED Milano will be able to work as fashion designers specializing in Haute Couture.

You will be able to work as a designer into: Style offices (Haute Couture and ready-to-wear),

but also join tailoring ateliers, print shops and Embroidery workshops.

You will also be able to work as Fashion consultants for celebrities and VIPs


Course Contents

Contemporary Fashion History

From 1900 to present – critical eye analysis for a contextualized professional experience

Fashion Sociology and Trends

The latest trends in the visual arts - works of art, films, exhibitions - as sources of inspiration and intellectual openness, for both personal and professional research and analysis.

Fabric Merchandise

The study of Haute Couture raw materials and fabrics to know and match the correct fabric to the garment

Embellishment Lab

Knowledge of materials such as feathers, flowers… for constructing Haute Couture decoration elements


How to drape fabric on mannequins and obtain the paper pattern of the garment for the realization of the canvas (modelling, moulage, draping, pattern making…)

Project 1

In partnership with a textile company

Project 2

In partnership with an embroidery company

Project 3

In partnership with a fashion brand

Sartorial Techniques

Knowledge of major tailoring techniques for Haute Couture: blind stitching, finishing, lace encrustation, French seam...

Drawing (and illustrations) for Haute Couture

Graphic Lab

Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and basic VideoTech.

Celebrity Lab

Workshop for famous people and special events

Lecture, Case History And Visiting

A series of meetings and workshops aimed for adding essential knowledge on new technologies, languages, fashion shows organizations and relation with professionals of the fashion industry


Marketing notions useful for codifying and contextualizing a brand.

Thesis Project

Personal research project for the creation of a small collection, that will compete for the selection of the Milan Fashion Graduate Show.


Antonio Bandini

Fashion Consultant, Fashion Designer