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November 2024


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1 Year

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Italo Marseglia

Step into your future as a change-maker in the fashion industry, driving towards greater environmental and social sustainability.

Be part of a new generation of Fashion Designers who share sustainable thinking and make full use of tailoring techniques -join our Master Course in Fashion Design in Rome.

Sustainable fashion is not just a trend. In fact, it is the only possible way forward for the fashion industry. With the Master Course in Fashion Design, you will learn how to create responsible and eco-conscious fashion, with a focus on environmental awareness at all times.

You will develop a tailor-focused approach to time and resource maximisation, becoming a Designer with a highly developed sense of awareness. You will use the skills acquired as a way to deliver new insight into collection creation and to generate positive and well-needed transformation in the fashion industry, always achieving top notch creative results.

Develop into a professional with a focus on environmental and social sustainability, designing carefully with attention to zero waste, circularity of materials, and supply chain.
With the Master Course in Fashion Design, you will be part of the change as you become a Fashion Designer with a higher sense of awareness.

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The Master Course to boost your career as a Fashion Designer taking a sustainable approach

The Master Course in Fashion Design at IED Roma provides practical training combined with both cultural and theoretical focus.  
This programme is intended to train you into becoming a "conscious" professional and consists of specific learning modules, design workshops and visits to companies and start-ups operating in the fashion system, with a focus on sustainability. Extensive coverage will be given to research on sustainable materials and processes, including talks with leaders who bring a perspective where nature and business reconnect with each other.

This Master Course has a strong workshop focus and consists of three highly specific workshop projects, focusing on the areas of Couture, Streetwear and Accessories.

The purpose of this Master Course is to provide you with all the necessary tools you need to become a Fashion Designer with a strong sense of awareness and innovation, ready to use creative and technical skills as a way to protect the environment.

The Master Course in Fashion Design at IED Roma is the best career path for those who want to approach the challenge of sustainability in fashion, looking to innovation as a way to develop new products with lower environmental impact. This programme would be ideal for those with either First Level Academic Diploma or Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design, as well as for designers already working in the industry who want to expand their knowledge and gain specialist skills in the area of sustainable fashion.
It is also open to professionals who have at least two years of professional experience in the specific areas covered by the course. Basic knowledge of software such as Photoshop and InDesign and major modelling and sketching software programs is a prerequisite, along with a B2 level of English.

Imagine stepping into a training path that will take you far beyond the classroom walls. The Master Course in Fashion Design at IED Roma provides excellence in education with sustainability at its core. With the help of designers and professionals sharing extensive experience in the field of sustainable fashion, this training will better equip you to meet the challenges of the industry in a way that is both innovative and responsible.

As you develop hands-on projects across different fields -from clothing to accessories- you will also be learning how to create fashion products that can be successfully brought to market. With your tailor-focused approach, you will make better use of time and resources available, while also encouraging human relationships between supply and demand across the whole supply chain.

This training is organised as a creative workshop where students are mentored in a step-by-step acquisition of project design methods, where ethics and aesthetics merge with social and environmental concerns. You will learn how to create a collection in a new way, achieving a great deal in terms of creative results.

Upon completion of the training, students will be prepared and ready to step into the fashion industry as Fashion Designers, as well as to work as Textile experts, CSR consultants, Product Developers.

The main software you will need during your course is provided by IED!

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This Master Course is intended to build a solid, in-depth understanding of the creative and marketing environment in the fashion industry.
You will learn about sustainable materials and processes and how they can support life on our planet, as you interact with insightful philosophers and inspiring entrepreneurs who have a highly evolved view of the future.

On your Master Course you will be alternating between specific lessons, where you will learn how to create Streetwear, Couture and Accessories collections, with hands-on lab sessions and in-depth theory-based classes, while not overlooking the basics of textile background required for a full understanding of the fashion process.
You will pay special attention to the value of the fashion product, where slow fashion and craftsmanship come together to create sustainable design.

The last part of the Course will provide you with a deeper understanding of business-related and entrepreneurial factors, as a support tool if your aim is to set up your own business in the fashion industry. As a result, you will acquire the skills necessary to follow up all the marketing processes, from creation to styling organisation, as well as distribution and promotion of your own products. This course will also provide you with the tools to create your business plan and develop marketing strategies for the fashion world -all of which will also be useful if you want to start a career working with recognised brands.

Your Master Course will finish with you creating your own fashion collection, marking the evolution and culmination of your creative process.



Italo Marseglia

Fashion Designer

Course Coordinator

Patrizia Valentini

Pattern Maker Specialist

Margherita Presti

Accessories Designer

Alessandra Gallo

Sustainable fashion consultant e sustainability specialist

Domenico Pauciulo

International law researcher

Enrica Alessi


Giulio Solfrizzi

Fashion Editor

Roberto Virgillito

Embroidery Specialist

Carmen Palumbo

Gian Marco Funari

Fashion Designer