Fashion beyond borders

The fashion presented during the 2024 graduation shows transcended borders. Not only for its global vision, but also for its meaning.   

In each collection, students expressed all their concerns, experimented with new materials, recovered traditions and translated them into new shapes and silhouettes.   

For this reason, we want to take proposals beyond the borders of our own countries by participating in various international events around the world.  

Our Fashion Shows

Our network celebrates fashion every year in June and July presenting the latest collections designed. Find out the ones designed by our 2024 graduates

Closing a chapter is always a time for celebration. The hard work, dedication and passion invested during an academic journey cannot go unnoticed. It is the culmination of hectic years of learning, discovery and professional and personal growth.   

For this reason, each fashion school holds its annual end-of-studies show in emblematic venues in the city, bringing together the most influential professionals in the fashion world and presenting the creativity and talent of our students in amazing events.    

For the Spanish campuses, the end of the academic year has been marked by even more celebrations - as if finishing a degree was not enough.   

For the Spanish campuses, the end of the academic year was marked by many celebrations. IED Madrid holds a fashion show on the occasion of its 30th anniversary in the Spanish capital, while the Barcelona site presents its 20th fashion show. The icing on the cake was IED Kunsthal, as for the first time it launched its first graduating class of ‘made in Kunsthal’ into the fashion industry.  

In Italy, on the other hand, they have had prestigious mentors, such as Michel Comte at Pitti Uomo 106; spaces located in the heart of the city, such as the Palazzo Giureconsulti in Milan for the Avant Défilé; and fashion films on the banks of the Po River at the IED Torino.   

Be amazed by the talent ‘made in IED’!  

Fashioners of the World 2024 IED Barcelona

Fashion Shows

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