11 June 2024

The runway show saw as many as five winners crowned, as well as the awarding of three special mentions

Fashioners of the World, held on 10 June at La Paloma Dance Hall, has confirmed, once again, the indisputable leadership of IED Barcelona in fashion design education and training. Marking its 20th edition, the Final Fashion Show — in which 25 students from the Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and the BA (Hons) in Fashion Design presented their final collections — conquered the audience, fashion industry professionals, and the specialised press in attendance.

As in every edition, an international jury evaluated the looks to award the traditional accolades at the end of the show. This year, experts highlighted the high creative level and impeccable technical execution of the collections exhibited, as a result of the School’s demanding and comprehensive cycle of training in fashion design.

This year, in addition to the Film Director Isabel Coixet, the Photographer Manuel Outumuro, and the Illustrator Jordi Labanda — who were in charge of declaring the winners of the awards for Best Fashion Film, Best Shooting and Best Fashion Illustration, respectively — the panel of experts was completed by Tous’ Director of Design Israel Roca; the Fashion Designer and IED Barcelona alumnus Aitor Goikoetxea; the Talent and Sustainability Editor of Vogue Italia, Elisa Pervinca; and Elisabeta Tudor, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Nylon France. Roca, Goikoetxa, Pervinca and Tudor presented the Franca Sozzani Award for Best Fashion Collection.

Riccardo Balbo, Academic Director of the IED Group; Ari Rovira, Teacher at IED and Expert in Sustainability and Business; Marina Verges, Designer of Inclusive Fashion and Journalist specialising in Fashion; and Alba Garcia, IED Barcelona alumnus and Founder of Bcome, decided on the winning collection of the fifth and newest distinction: the IEDxCommons Impact Award. An award recognising the collection with the greatest impact in terms of sustainability, good use of technology, heritage value, inclusion, proximity and craftmanship.

The runway show saw as many as five winners crowned, as well as the awarding of three special mentions:

  • Franca Sozzani Award for Best Fashion Collection

Winner: Dani Barris with ‘Jugar a ser dolent no està tan malament’

Menswear collection inspired by the imagery of the “good boy”, educated to others’ satisfaction, with a color palette of white, black, grey and denim blue tones.

The jury’s opinion: “A collection with a lot of soul, with excellent manual and traditional work as well as an execution full of experimentation and innovative finishes.” Aitor Goikoetxea

  • Isabel Coixet Award for Best Fashion Film

Winner: Marta de Múrcia with ‘La Azohía, un lugar donde ser’, from the project ‘Queen Fina: La idealización del recuerdo y la nostalgia de lo no vivido.

A fashion film full of nostalgia that takes us back to our childhood summers spent in our grandparents’ villages.

The jury’s opinion: “It’s an Andalusian-style Wes Anderson in which the protagonist touched my heart. A very well-made, poetic and fun fashion film.” Isabel Coixet

Watch the fashion film on the IED Barcelona YouTube channel: @iedbcnmedia

Special mention to Marian Descayrac (see IEDXCommons Impact Award)

  • Manuel Outumuro Award for Best Shooting

Winner: Dani Barris (see Franca Sozzani Award for Best Fashion Collection)

The jury’s opinion: “A splendid session, full of highly evocative images and a certain poetry that is not without a sense of dark romanticism.” Manuel Outumuro

  • Jordi Labanda Award for Best Fashion Illustration

Winners: Nio Roca and Mathis Morand ex aequo

Nio Roca with ‘X EN UNA CRUZ

An inclusive and timeless genderless fashion collection that fuses retro-futuristic and rustic styles, using fabrics that range from the most natural and traditional to the most technical and innovative.

In this collection, Nio Roca worked with AI.

The jury’s opinion: “A proposal with a powerful poetic and dreamlike quality, which amazes with its chromatic range and its narrative richness.Jordi Labanda

Mathis Morand with ‘Us and Them’

A slow fashion collection produced completely by hand, where the prototypes are designed to adapt to different bodies and genders.

In this collection, Mathis Morand worked with AI.

The jury’s opinion: “He brings fashion illustration to a cinematic level with an extraordinarily mature language for a student. A great example of technology applied to serve emotion”. Jordi Labanda

  • IEDxCommons Impact Award

Winner: Marian Descayrac with ‘Childish

An ageless and sizeless collection that undertakes a journey of reconnection with our inner child, full of colour, and looks that are committed to upcycling.

Special mention to Jana Elyamani // @janasheshtawi

‘Bride of the Nile’

A womenswear collection that plays with the expectations generated by the word “bride” to offer looks with a more masculine style than expected, with worn and more rigid fabrics in earth tones.

Special mention to Nio Roca

With the collaboration of La Paloma, MANE and Miyagi Sushi.

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