26 April 2023

25 creatives with their own brands will present their latest collections at this key event on the international catwalk circuit

Aligned with its clear commitment to emerging talent, 080 Barcelona Fashion Week will showcase three groundbreaking collections from IED Barcelona alumni from 2 to 5 May at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site.

These are the latest creations by Lara Serrano, Paolo Leduc and Eñaut Barruetabeña, who will hit this international circuit catwalk where technological innovation, circular and timeless fashion for all bodies, slow fashion, a critical reflection of the current context and local production play a leading role.

Serrano, a former student of the Master in Fashion Design who was featured in the last Allianz EGO Showroom at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid, will do so on 2 May at 5.30 pm with her brand Laretta and Acta est fabula, a collection for which the starting point is the work “Death and Life” by Gustav Klimt. The young designer has thought about what the two extremes of existence mean to her, representing them through pieces with great contrasts in terms of colour, textures and volumes, always using sustainable fabrics and local production.

Paolo Leduc, who graduated in Fashion Design and was the creator of a capsule collection for the IED fashion show at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, will exhibit the “Gambler Tailor” collection on 4 May at 12.30 pm. With tailoring as a pillar of the brand and a starting point for his creations, Leduc distorts human silhouettes and classic shapes with the deconstruction of garments, the use of digital printing with the trompe l'oeil technique and fabric manipulation. We can see the origins of the designer reflected in his looks: on the one hand, some Spanish roots in which he draws on the most baroque essence and excess; on the other, French influences where he picks up that more classic side and craftsmanship.

Finally, on 5 May at 7 pm it will be the turn of Eñaut, the brand of Eñaut Barruetabeña. The former Fashion Design student and current Coordinator of the Master's Degree in Men's Fashion Design at IED Barcelona will participate with “Vulturno”, his eighth collection. With a minimalist aesthetic and a sustainable vision, the looks aim to raise environmental awareness given the serious predictions about the planet’s rising temperatures.

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